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 Pregnancy & Parenting 

Years ago, when I was training to be an Alexander Technique teacher, my husband and I were at the beach, when I saw a mother talking to her small child of two or three.  The mother was young and athletic, but in her bearing, she looked like a very old woman.  She seemed stuck in a hunch, bending over to tend to her child.  Obviously something she had been doing a lot of for several years. 

“She needs Alexander lessons.”  I said to my husband, rather smugly.

Several years later, I received the ultimate blessing and the ultimate test: I became pregnant with triplets.  And now, as a mother of three wild children, I feel less smug.  Pregnancy and Parenthood have tested me beyond anything that know-it-all on the beach could have imagined.  What has been my crutch to lean on, my lovey to cling to, my secret weapon? Why the Alexander Technique, of course.

I would love to help you too.

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