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Creating a Daily Alexander Technique Practice

As we strive to change the world, is it selfish to work on ourselves? Or is it the only way?

I’ve spent a lot of time these last two weeks digging deep and writing about difficult things. These pieces are all in various states of completion and they are not yet published. But today I figured it was time to PAUSE. Collect myself for a moment and keep it simple.

One of my students mentioned to me the other day she wanted to create a daily Alexander Technique practice. Yeah, you and me both! She won’t be able to come in for lessons any time soon, but she’s a diligent student and she feels like her own practice has been slipping these last three months.

I first came to Alexander Technique thirteen years ago because I desperately wanted to get “back in my body.” Some Alexander teachers would find that phrase problematic—where else could I be? But it does a pretty decent job of describing the experience of disconnection/dissociation that so many of us feel. Especially, I bet, right now, when stress is high, we’re separated from family, friends and so many coping mechanisms.

Our embodiment is a not a theory or an aspiration. It’s a fact. So let’s go home. (To ourselves.) Let’s start now.


Say No. To the screen. To social media. To the responsibilities. To the spinning thoughts.

For a moment.

Close your eyes. Listen.

Now open your eyes. See where you are. Let your eyes be soft. Don’t peer. See.

Let your breath flow out and in.

Notice your feet on the ground and your head in the sky.

Allow your head, tail, arms, legs to release away from your middle, like a starfish radiating out in all directions simultaneously. This may encourage your breath to free up.

Remind yourself: I have time. I have space.

We can do this throughout the day. And take a few minutes to lie down. And take a walk, if we’re able. And touch a tree, if we can. Talk about taking time and space!

And when we become uncomfortable with world events, or the conversation or our own thoughts, we can PAUSE.

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